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September 1 2015

Great to see you, how are you? Oh, on second thought, I don’t actually care. As a pastor, public speaker person, and one who loves engaging in community building, I love talking to people. I enjoy hearing about their experiences[…]

August 19 2013

Holy moley there are a ton of social media sites out there! Seriously, how the heck can anyone keep up with them all? After all, some of you church types have to do things like visit people in the hospital[…]

March 8 2012

When I was in seminary, my preaching professor used to tell us that we should be transformed by our own preaching: in the study of the text, in the preparation of the manuscript and in the actual act of preaching. This was[…]

February 28 2012

There are times when some things in life just make sense. What might seem like a foolish and risky endeavor to one person might be a natural convergence of clarity and call to another. With that said, after nearly a year[…]

January 17 2012

[photo by Brandon Christopher Warren] They say that men think about sex a lot. There is some debate on about exactly how often, but  it is probably safe to say, it is often. For those of us in the sharing and opining[…]

January 3 2012

While some of my closest friends knew about this project a few days ago, I am excited to publicly announce my first official book project. In adding to a faith and life book, for years I have wanted to write[…]

June 29 2011

First things first . . . I DO NOT HAVE GOOGLE+ INVITES TO SEND . . . yet 😉 But in lieu of an invitation, I shall simply taunt you will the knowledge that I did get one from someone who knows that[…]

May 31 2011

Today is my final day as the pastor of Mission Bay Community Church and this post will be the last time, for a while, that I’ll focus on my pastoral life there.  It has been a splendid 11+ years, our[…]

March 18 2011

It’s okay, you can admit it, every so often in the middle of the night you are jolted from a deep slumber by the realization that you have no idea where you can find a complete list of Presbyterians on[…]

March 2 2011

First, thanks for clicking on over here to read the geekiest of posts.  I know not all of my readers are interesting in the socoal media stuff, but after recent posts on such topics as public education, marriage and bipartisanship, I[…]

February 27 2010

It is hard to believe that only three months ago, this #tworship experiment began.  It has been a wonderful experience for me, pawned some good conversations and enhanced my understanding of the possibilities of social media and faith. But I[…]

February 18 2010

UPDATES 2015: Journaling for 40 days 2014: 40 Days 40 Prayers 40 Words 2013: 40 Days of Thanksgiving 2010: Interview with Michel Martin Oh the dreaded question that comes around every year as we Jesus-types start that time in our church life known[…]

February 8 2010

[Photo byDust Mason]] So, you have heard the crowd and have finally decided to dive into the Social Media waters known as Twitter?  Good for you!  Even if it turns out that twitter is not for you, at least you[…]

October 28 2009

[image: jonesing1] More and more we are seeing tweeting become part our everyday life.  From sharing information about disasters and revolutions to informing followers of your breakfast menu or latest crush, like it or not, some form of micro-blogging is[…]

January 7 2008

Thanks for taking the time to explore my moderator blog.  I know that for some folks this whole blog world may be brand new and my just need a little basic knowledge before jumping in to the fray.  Below is[…]

October 25 2007

[Photo by cobalt123] Sometimes I feel like churches or pastors that are “plugged in” have to apologize for being as such.  There is this assumption that because we are technologically proficient, we lack understanding or connection to other ways of being[…]