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March 4 2015
Thirteenth day of Lent

March 4, 2015 The San Francisco Giants’ season is unraveling and the Athletics are going score 1,458 runs in 2015. Okay, these declarations MIGHT be a little pre-mature after only the first two games of Spring Training, but after losing[…]

June 12 2012

UPDATED – June 2012 No offense to you football, basketball, cricket, shuffleboard, spelling bee and hockey fans, but let me be clear — JESUS WOULD PLAY BASEBALL. Make so mistake, baseball, the greatest sport IN THE WORLD, would have been[…]

May 8 2012

Colorlines recently posted interview by Jamilah King as he sat down with David Leonard, author of After Artest: The NBA and the Assault on Blackness. Leonard, professor of Ethnic Studies at Washington State University, is challenging the notion that race plays no factor in[…]

December 2 2011

Lest anyone begin to think that I have lost the ability to make outlandish statements about pop culture, expose my cinematic proclivities or open myself up to ridicule about my love of all things Debbie Gibson and Titanic, never fear. With[…]

April 3 2011

12 years later and I still remember the day my Eldest child climbed her first mountain. She and I were hanging out at a local indoor playground where she was exploring the colorful structure in the toddler area. I was[…]

August 8 2008

So what if it is fake – curses Gatorade – this video is pretty darn awesome and whoever said we can’t be inspired to great things by images and actions that are slightly beyond our own imagination? And as long[…]

April 2 2008

There is something about Opening Night in baseball.  Last night Eldest and I went the A’s home opener with dad and Junie against those dastardly Boston Red Sox.  Eldest is still learning the etiquette of baseball rivalries.   Every once in[…]

February 13 2008

Last year I made a pretty good case for, Why Jesus Would Play Baseball, so I don’t feel like I have to rehash that, so for the 2008 season let me make a few judgmental and inflammatory statements. Like a[…]

April 19 2007

As most of you know we are an Oakland Athletics household.  We are pretty die-hard.  We hate – yes, about the only time we use that word in our home – the NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox and the Angels[…]

April 2 2007

PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!Yes, this is the day when the GREATEST SPORT EVER begins again.  Hope and optimism reign as 25 men go out and play a child’s game, baseball! 3:30 today the A’s begin their 2006 American League West Championship Defense[…]