Hey all . . . I just posted this on the Emergent Diversity site where there are some interesting conversations going on over there  regarding race and the emergent scene. [Emergent Diversity]

I would be interested in knowing where the Asian American
voices in this conversation.  As in most conversations about Diversity
it is usually a Black/White discourse and Asian, Latino and others are
left out.  I don’t think it is intentional rather institutional and
systematic.  One can hardly argue that we are not around, quite the
opposite . . .  that we are slowly taking over the church . . . Oh no
he didn’t just say that . . . that’s a joke just in case you are freakin out right now.

In any case, a couple thoughts to get things moving:

  • Progressive/Left leaning (Maybe some more conservative, but not in
    my experience.) Asian Americans and other people of color in the US
    have been having this emergent/postmodern conversation for a long
    time.  Because of our circumstance of living between multiple worlds
    and flowing easily (most of the time) between American, Asian,
    Asian-American, Multicultural realities,  this way of thinking and
    approach is natural.  We should actually be natural partners in this
    conversation, but for some reason or reasons we have yet to be a
    visible presence.
  • I will give props to the Emergent leadership for being open to the conversation and after my first event [My Blog],
    was mildly surprised by the number of women, main-liners and a few other
    brown folk.  I also think that, unfortunately, it does take the White
    Male establishment to give any kind of movement legitimacy on a larger
    scale fueled by books sales, speaking engagements, academia, etc. 
    With that said, now is the time for those Asian American emergents to
    step up and be part of the conversation.

Just a few ramblings to get things going.  Would love to hear other AsAms out there!


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