Now for many who read this you will have NEVER heard me us this benediction in the context of my day-to-day worship leading, but at some events I have been known to get my old-school liturgical groove on 😉

At some events, the service is ended with the preacher giving the Charge and Benediction.  I use the following Benediction because I like it but mostly because it is the only one I have memorized.  This is a compilation of many different
benedictions that I have heard throughout the years, no originality
claimed, just some great opportunities to share it.

Here it goes . . .

Go forth into the world
With compassion and justice in your heart
Give strength to the weak
Give voice to the silent
See one another
Hear one another
Care for one another
And love one another
It’s all that easy
And it’s all that hard
Now may the grace of God
The love of Christ
And the power of the Holy Spirit
Be with us all, now and forever more

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