A few years back there was this book titled something, "Don’t sweat the small things . . ."  Yada yada yada.  While i understand the intent of the book, "Don’t let little things get you down . . ." on the whole I think the idea is CRAP . . . oops, did I say that?  I mean, this is not the way I would hope to live out my life.  For I think God wants us to SWEAT the small things AND the big things.  Sweating and Engaging with one without the other is just silly.

Small thing: Hanging out in a cafe with my daughter Evelyn while she does homework and I blog (Hmmm . . . which is more valuable.)
Big thing: showing her with our presence at her school, at celebrations, in the ordinary that we are with her and love her no matter what; and nurture and love her through all the joys and pains of live.

Small thing: Actually giving some money to someone as it feel appropriate even IF they may spend it on something that I would not want them to; showing some compassion and generosity to another human being.
Big thing: Engaging in the political discourse to help transform institutions that help to perpetuate poverty, racism and injustice.

Small thing: Knowing what Robin needs even before she asks; like sleeping in; coffee made; and pockets emptied before put into the dirty clothes;
Big thing: Supporting, nurturing and loving her as she grows into whoever God wants her to be.

So you know what, SWEAT all the stuff, all the while knowing that God is faithful and present.  When we remember that, it ain’t all that bad!

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