After some eMail conversations with folks about this whole Emergent thing, I thought I would give some ideas about a couple of books I think get at the heart of the Emergent conversations that are going around.  These are two that I have found most helpful and I think give a good overall view of some most of the Emergent issues.

The first one deals with the PERSONAL emergent experience and this is, "A Generous Orthodoxy" by Brian McLAren.  Of course, Brian is on on everyone’s must-read list, but this one in particular gives a great personal story.  While the whol books is good, the best is Chapter 1, "The Seven Jesus’ I have Known."  If this chapter turns you off, go ahead and put it down 😉

The second book I just read and it deals well with the CORPORATE emergent experience is "The Church in Transition: The Journey of Existing Churches into the Emerging Culture" by Tim Condor.  For your Presbyterians doing Redevelopment/Tranformation ministry, this is a must-read as well.  The whole thing is good, but I particularily appreciate Chapter Six on "Challenging Common Assumptions About Spritual Formation."  Good stuff.

I added both of these books to my "Recently Read" list to the right if you need to see the picture of the book 😉 

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