Hey Blogger-friends . . . so here is the series I am preaching on after Easter.  Hopefully a little provocative, without being too trendy.  But, of course, I am looking for some good ideas: movie/TV clips, books, songs, etc. that might add to the wit and wisdom that I hope to espouse πŸ˜‰  I’ll blog a little more as in get through each of these.  I pretty much have just thought of titles and will flesh them out more fully my after Easter.

  • April 23 :: Sexuality: Does God
    care about what happens in the bedroom?
  • April 30 :: Wealth and Poverty: Is
    Capitalism Christian?
  • May 7 :: Religious Pluralism: Is
    Jesus THE way or A way to God?
  • May 14 :: Gender, Race and Class:
    Are we beyond all the β€œism’s”?
  • May 21 :: Politics: Would Christ be
    a Democrat or a Republican?
  • May 28 :: Bring it On: An open
    forum and conversation to ask what you will.

Thanks in advance!


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