"The Bible’s All Wrong Again" by Mark Morford is the title of this SF Gate article that was passed on to me by someone at church.  Quite the interesting read and a good look at the perspective of many folks just laying in wait for any opportunity to PROVE that those damn religious people are nutcases once and for all.

Here are a few of my reactions, I would be interested in hearing what other think . . .

Reaction #1 :: Did he take Biblical Criticism?  Dude . . . welcome to the modern day Biblical criticism.  These are the same kinds of contextual questions that thinking Christians have been asking for YEARS and still coming away with some sense of faith and understanding of the Spirit being active even, gasp, through and despite the actions of human beings.  He makes the assumption that by looking at the Bible with any kind of good criticism every Christian brain will explode into a million bits and will end up in the evetual giving up of one’s faith.  Wishful thinking . . .

Reaction #2 :: And every whiny atheist is a gentrifying upper-class white liberal elitist.  Oops, did I just make a huge, uneducated, shallow generalization about a group of people based on very little truth and a whole lot of what I would like the enemy to look like?  While I do (Believe me I do.) understand that this was written with the proverbial tongue in the proverbial cheek, this is pretty lame understanding of the complex and rich Christian landscape.  I would think that anyone even slightly connected to mainstream politics and culture AND living in San Francisco would know that not all Christians hold the view as he describes in one of his snappiest paragraphs . . . even if it is generalizingly shallow.

It’s the prevalent, simpleminded ideology: God somehow
spoke in perfect English through some sort of giant megaphone (the
original podcast), which was then beamed straight into a number of deep
believers, whose myriad stories were then perfectly transcribed by some
honest and devout and in no way corrupt or politicized or sexually
frustrated bishop’s pen about 2,000 years ago, and there is no debate
don’t you dare question its legitimacy and motives lest you be cast
into the hellpit of Sodom. Or maybe, you know, San Francisco.

Witty, snappy, slightly funny, but a Little pandering and easy, don’t you think?  I mean come on, he doesn’t even give the courtesy, "I know not all Christians are like this." disclaimer.

Reaction #3 :: I might actually want to hang out with this guy.  While I may disagree with his tone and generalizations about religions, he is pretty witty and a smart-a$$ that might be fun to trade barbs with.  Still if he really thinks that religious people really are just a bunch of stupid dupes, then maybe he wouldn’t want to hang out with me.  Oh well . . . wouldn’t be the first time.


Oh yeah, for you stupid dupes out there, Happy Easter . . . Christ is risen indeed 😉

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