Uh-oh . . . check out this article from SF Gate about the Soulforce Equality Ride visiting traditionally "Conservative Evangelical" Colleges across the country.  Of course there have been the prerequisite conflicts, arrests and bashing, but surprisingly both Biola and Asuza Pacific have made some room for formal conversations.  Yes, my head too just might explode.  Those darn conservatives aren’t actually supposed to engage in open conversations!   For those of you/us who like the time-honored two party democrat/republican or conservative/liberal tradition this is yet another signal that the "rules of the game" are coming to an end . . . and in the church no less.

Just in case you don’t know the rules, here they are . . . all according to me.

  • If you believe in one part of the "platform" you buy the whole thing;
  • For the good of the party, there will be NO breaking ranks so matter how stupid your like-minded colleagues are being;
  • You cannot truly acknowledge valid critiques about your own party if they come from the other side.
  • We can exchange political techniques and strategies as they fit our own needs; but we must critique the use of any by the other side.
  • You must believe that there really are only TWO sides to every political/theological discussion and so-called "Independents" or "Emergent" are just wasting time and taking votes away from the cause . . . splitters!

Of course this is all said with much self-critique, but it is pretty darn cool that this idea of talking about some core theological and political issues is happening in unexpected places.  Keep talkin’ ya’ll!

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