A member of MBCC sent me this link from a blogger who posted a tongue-n-cheek post about running a "Fantasy Church" league modeled after Fantasy Football or Baseball.  Basically your church  get points based on elements of your service: content, structure, music, preaching etc.  Very funny and pokes fun at just about everyone . . . again, meant to be witty, not a real measure of the health of a congregation.   Of course, by the end of the 40+ comments someone said that this was inappropriate even IF done in jest (See last posts) so he shut it down.  Too bad.

It brings me to the question, "Why can’t Christians be funny?"  Sure some of us are not nearly as funny as we think, and some Christians are just straight-up uptight, but come on, we’re not all that bad, are we?  Jesus was funny and he was always bringing to light the comedic/idiotic ways humanity was conducting itself.  Everyday by something unexpected happening i am remind how "Funny" God can be.  And I am sure Moses, Noah, Naomi, Mary and Peter all must of dropped some funnies at some point.  Paul, probably not, pretty serious dude.   

Still . . . some of the funniest people I know are people of faith.  Some of my most meaningful conversations and relationship are built on the idea that in order to grow in a authentic relationship we must not only cry, pray, weep and talk, but we must also laugh together.

Just for fun . . . my top five punch lines for cheesy/irreverent church jokes.  1 point for every set-up you know.

5) "Change?!?!?!?"
4) "I know the answer is "Jesus" but it sounds an awful lot like a squirrel."
3) "Is it ME Jesus, is it ME?"
2) "Because it might lead to dancing."
1) "I can see your house from here." Move back the lightening may just strike me today 😉

Lastly, before I start getting flamed for the last one, I KNOW that our faith and the redemptive power of Christ are transformative to each of us and the world.  But . . . to think that God can’t handle it or in some way we do not value our faith when we can appropriately laugh at it and/or ourselves, it just not where I am.  Laughter not only bonds me with others, but it also is a way that humanity has learned to deal with pain – "We laugh to keep us from crying" – and cope  with times that we are without any other place to go, but to only rely on God.  Laughter, to be uber-cheesy, really  is the "Best Medicine" . . . ur um er um . . . I mean except for Jesus of course 😉

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