Img_0480Bruce on the Airboat in the Everglades!

After finishing up my few days with the Young Urban Pastors, I tacked on a few extra days to rest, catch up on some work and explore Miami a little bit.  Kind of a "Working Vacation" I stayed plugged in, but was able to still get out and see the city.  Once again bummed that the rest of the family was not able to join me, but they got some great Miami stuff!

Before offering any reflections on Miami, let me first say that the baseball God’s are truly good as this weekend the Oakland A’s moved on to the next round of the playoffs and the Yankees were just Eliminated.  Life is good!  Bring on the TIGERS!

Why Miami is Flippin’ sweet  . . .

  • The food is great.  Often that seems to garner most of my attention.   Haitian, Jamaican, Cuban, Nicaraguan . . . and Bubba Gumps 😉 
  • The diversity is different.  One thing I notices is that the Caribbean feel and look is truly a different diversity than we have in San Francisco. 
  • South Beach . . . well for people watchin’ about the best I have seen.
  • Layin’ out in the sun seems to be the norm and brown seems to be the beauty-base.
  • 30 minutes from wild gators
  • CSI: Miami, Fancy Yachts and the Beach!

Why I still HEART San Francisco . . .

  • While I appreciated the diversity of Caribbean and Latin cuisine, not one Chinese Food dive did I pass ;-(
  • Noticed that I was often the only Asian in the room.
  • While the people watching was indeed fun, South Beach was kinda weird.  Lots of "Dirty Old Men" (Not me of course.) hanging out gawking at the half-dressed women.  Having three girls kinda changes the perspective.
  • Did I mention it was HUMID!!!!!!!!

Seems like lately, I have been able to visit some great cities because of ministry opportunities so I am grateful for the opportunities.  At the same time, these trips are all taking place sans the family.  While certainly some quiet catch-up time is good, it would be much more fun through the eyes of the girls.  Tomorrow I’ll be home . . .

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