Img_0604 Today Mission Bay Community Church gathered in Golden Gate park for our sort-annual church picnic.  We had a great turnout, played some fun games and just shared in community.  As we gathered at the picnic alter of "BBQ’ing MEAT" I learned a few things . . .

FELLOWSHIP IS FUN – It was great to have a simple gathering for gathering sake.  We have been through so much lately that is was just good to have fun, eat and hang out.  Plus the sun DOES shine in San Francisco.

I AM OLD – As we played Flag Football, it become a very poignant moment for me as I discovered soon afterward that i was the OLDEST person on the field by FOUR friggin’ years.  I think the "Old Guy" can still hang though . . .

FORGIVENESS v. PERMISSION – Ooops we partied in the wrong picnic spot.  Lets see, what rules did we break?   Car driven into off-limits area, Bar-B-Que grill in a "no-BBQ allowed" area; taking the wrong picnic area.  Three for three baby and none done intentionally. 

For more pictures: [BRC Flickr] – For safety reasons you cannot download from my Flickr Album.  But if you register and become a "Friend" you can download away.  If you have not used Flickr, I would highly suggest it.

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