Img_0462 I thought I could take the horse in a staring contest . . . I lost. 

Today, we continued a great Young Urban Pastor’s Group by diving deeper into the study of our Enneagram types and the effects of that type on our ministry.  for most folks it was a good time to discover some new things about ourselves and our ministry.  I learned a great deal about other personal relationships by listening to others describe who they are.  For those that know the Enneagram, I am a THREE and I surround myself with NINES and SIXES.  A very enlightening time.

Fun time include dinner at Yambo Nicaraguan Restaurant in little Havana, a Cuban district that is turning more Nicaraguan. Our local contact said that only Spanish speakers venture that far into Miami.  Nathan did an exquisite job and translating.  Great food, great atmosphere, great company.

The evening . . . well.  Lets just say South Beach is quite the place.  Just so I don’t get accused of ratting anyone out, lets just say we laughed . . . and laughed . . . and laughed.

A couple inside incidents for my fellow YUPs

  • What kind of Labyrinth was that?
  • Byron . . . steak and corn on the cob?
  • Stop! Find a bathroom for Kelly.
  • Everyone cry around Tara.
  • "My daughters will NOT wear that!"
  • The EVIDENCE pictures

On a more serious note, it is clear how sacred this time is for many of us.  Thanks to all who are tending the places we have left so we can be here.

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