Updated 04.05.07

For those of us who are pretty new to blogging and generally just
pick stuff up as we go (and have to fix screw-ups) it is great to have
some folks who can help offer some advice that you can understand.
Once such person who has done that for me is DJ Chuang.
DJ and I have eKnown one another for who knows how long and were
finally able to meet this past November.  He is also one of those
church folks who not only sees the usefulness of the technology, but
also models how it can help to develop healthy and transformative
relationships.   He has offered some good thoughts about blogging.
Here are just two posts worth reading.  The second one is particularly

  • understanding blogging podcasting and vodcasting 11/06
  • getting more traffic to your blog 05/06 – Good overall advice.

Here are also some other posts about how to get some folks to your blog that seem pretty good:

I have have gotten deeper into all this blogging nonsense, it is
becoming more and more clear that this fits my personality and calling  . . . plus it is darn fun!  So let me add my thoughts and boil down some of what everyone says . . .

  • Link link link – be sure to link away so other will come to you.  Link to sites/blogs that will help to expand what you are talking about or in order to clarify what you are talking about.
  • Passionate Content – Compel people to subscribe to your blog and come back to you for more.  Like any other journey worth taking, know why you going.  In this case, know why you are blogging.  If you are not passionate about something AND feel like your voice would be an important addition to the discourse, why bother.  Also make it easier for folks to bookmark your post by using something like www.addthis.com.
  • Humble Confidence – Along the lines of people wanting to know what you think, you must be able to offer thoughts without being too arrogant or cocky.  Sure, it is/may seem pretty cocky doing this in the first place, but that is beginning to change as more folks being to understand the influence of the blogging community.
  • Self Promotion and Networking – This is the part that seems a little weird.  The truth of the matter is that there is so much out there now that you must help folks find you.  Keeping mind that no one likes to deal with arrogance in person or online, start to build up some blog friends, ask questions, comment on posts you appreciate, basically network so others get to know you.  Additionally, be sure to bookmark your own posts and click your own links to ensure that folks know you are out there.

There are of course many more ways to get folks to engage with you via your blog, but these are the ones that stand out for me right now.  Now get off your duff and start posting!

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