Happy Thanksgiving.  Not that Turkey day has much to do with Asian-American politics, religion or the sexy-quotient of Asian American males, but in "Bruce World" it all comes together.  Here are a couple-a-few posts that may be of interest . . .

ONE . . . Not that I EVER doubted it, but apparently Asian American men ARE sexy.  Here is an article by Jeff Yang.  Excerpt from . . . "ASIAN POP: Do you think we’re sexy?" (11.22.06)

As George Clooney celebrates his second time around
as People’s "Sexiest Man Alive," Jeff Yang looks at the status of Asian
men in American culture. From Gedde Watanabe in "16 Candles" to Daniel
Dae Kim in "Lost," it seems like the image of the Asian male has come a
long way, baby. Or … has it?

TWO . . . If you have not discovered the  joys of VOIP and Skype, you don’t know what you are missing.  Well . . . actually it probably just means you have a life and/or you know no one outside of the US.  In any case, every month, there is a group of self-labeled Asian American Emergents who huddle up with headsets on for a Skypecast on faith, identity and church.  The next Asian American Emergent Skypcast is this Sunday, 6:00, Cali time.  See DJ Chuang’s reflection from last month’s skypecast.

THREE . . . SF’s Asia Society has an educational series called "AIDS in Asia".  At part of this program, they are jointly presenting (with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, AIDS Relief Fund for China, and Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation) the film "The Blood of Zingzhou District" at 6:30 PM on Monday, 11/27/06 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  Contact the Asia Society for more info.

About the film . . .  In the New York premiere of this moving documentary, we follow a year
in the life of children in the remote villages of Anhui Province,
China, who have lost their parents to AIDS. The film, which won a Grand
Jury Award at the American Film Institute’s Silverdocs Film Festival,
investigates how traditional obligations to family and village collide
with the wide-spread terror and prejudice against the disease in rural
China and the region. Producer Thomas Lennon and director Ruby Yang
join us for the post-screening discussion.

Now how’s that for an Asian American cultural smörgåsbord this Thanksgiving day . . . run turkeys, run!

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