Bruce and his brand new MacBook Pro

So I have done it . . . I am leaving the safe and comfy confines of PC-landia [Dell Inspiron 6000] and hauling my sorry butt to MAC-topia [MacBook Pro]. This is kind of a return for me after being one of the first owners of the heralded Macintosh “Elsie” LC before changing to a PC in the mid 90’s. The circle is now complete . . .

This whole MAC thing is actually a little weird.  Case in point, this morning, as I eagerly awaited the arrival of the FedEx delivery dude, I found myself a little giddy as if I was waiting for my date to pick me up . . .  scaaaaaary.  And while I hope to be a little more grounded than to think that  Apple computer has made the World a Better Place, (Darn funny article BTW.), I am a little nervous about the whole endeavor.

Now before either side lets me have it, know that there is still a great deal of conversation, no make that brawling and squabbling, that is still going on in my tiny little head. Just a taste of the PC/MAC
discourse . . .

  • “Friggin’ Sell out!” – “No, I have just chosen to no longer be a slave to Microsoft, in exchange I now have a master with much cooler, thinnerer and silverer stuff.”
  • “What, are you stupid now?!?!?!?” – “Why yes, I am . . . just too many things to have to keep fixing/learning/maintaining on my PC [good example].  If PC programmers were just not so damn malicious or intellectually arrogant, maybe it would be different.  But alas at least I will be creatively stoopid.”
  • “Oh, you are sooooooo cool now!” – “Yep, and don’t you forget it!  Though, I was pretty cool before with my faux-woodgrain cover.  Ya gotta give me that!”
  • “Did you win the lottery?!?!?” – “No, but I gotta tell ya, lack of spyware, viruses, and other crap PLUS the cool factor sure ain’t cheap.  But . . . I have just picked up four new web clients for my Fun Work so I figured, what the heck.” Rationalize much?
  • “You are sooooo whipped!” – “Whipped by love!  Yes, I will admit that my wife, Robin, has won me over.  Bliss will further settle into the Reyes-Chow/Pugh home as we are now  joined together by the bonds of MACrimony.”

So now the learning curve begins.  If any of you have any thoughts, comments about it, I’ll be moving stuff over and getting set up over the next week or so.  Right now I don’t even know what I don’t know, but here is a start to what I think I will be tackling.

  • Migrating files: MS Docs, iTunes, Bookmarks, etc;
  • Choosing my mail software in lieu of Outlook;
  • Getting Dreamweaver set up again;
  • Learning FinalCut, iThis and iThat;
  • Setting up MS Word (Yep still gotta have THAT);
  • Choosing any additional MAC software, I still can call it software can’t I?;
  • Selling all my old PC Gadgets Tools;
  • Discovering new tools for my new toy work apparatus;

Again . . . please know that this was a difficult decision so please no gloating, mocking or disappointed downward-looking shakes of the head.  This has been hard enough.

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