So apparently, there is this goofy "Blog Tagging" game that is going around where, if tagged, you are supposed to create a post, "5 Things People Don’t Know About Me."    I was "Tagged" by my Cuz, Trina, and while I will play this silly little game, I must subvert the paradigm and make one the of the next things a total lie.  As I begin this, I will say that I followed some links backwards and found some really interesting folks who have been posting their 5 things.  Ironic that they pretty much all begin with how much we think this is silly . . . and then we do it anyway 😉  Not surprising as we LOVE to talk about ourselves.

  1. I have never played Nintendo;
  2. I have always wanted to be in law enforcement;
  3. I have been hit with a police baton by a riot police officer;
  4. I have been under arrest by the Federal government;
  5. I have a Filipino tribal tattoo around my right bicep;
  6. I have seen Wham in concert;

Answers and Explanations over at [Part II]

Oh yeah, I must now tag people that I think may actually answer: LESLIE, KELLY, LAUREN

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