Every so often, I have one of those, "Man, I gotta blog this" moments.  It could be a cool quote, a random thought, an observations, whatever.  At the center of it all, my moments are always about when God is made real.  Now for those of you who see God pretty easily in traditional spiritual disciplines, I often see/experience God as I participate in the spiritual discipline of faithful multi-tasking.  Yes, it just could be a well (or not-so-well) thought out justification for my lifestyle, but I do think there is something about the multileveled stimulus and technological connects that are of God.
One example of God being known in the wonderful complexity of life that is playing out as I write this . . .

  • I am sitting in a little independent grocery store cafe where I was asked if this was my first time here and if I needed any help finding anything because the produce guy didn’t recognize me.  This place has some great organic food, they cut their steaks THICK and most of the workers are pierece and inked in more place that I probably care to know.
  • I sit here as Evelyn and Abigail take turns taking Hula and Tahitian Dance class as Spark of Creation Studio (Also Musical Theater and Kinderhula for Annie) where they are being taught by a wonderful group of strong/independent Pinay dancers.  Cute don’t work on Ms. Marilou.
  • I am online (obviously) with my shiny silver Mac using a free wireless connection;
  • In the last 30 minutes I have just exchanged eMails with a colleague in Pennsylvania, a church visitor from Ohio and 7 church members.
  • Evelyn did some homework and read while we waited for Abby’s class;
  • I exchanged eMails with someone who wants me possible revamp their website via my "Give back the to the community" hobby.
  • Abigail has drawn yet another picture of her family (complete with names, she is in kindergarten afterall.) and munched on a crisp organic green apple . . . while sucking down a orange soda ;-).  She also serenaded me and the others sitting around with a song played on the "Air Stand-up Bass"  go figure . . .
  • I did some prepping for a Bible study that I am leading this evening and did some groundwork for an idea in 2007.
  • Caught up on some folk’s blogs . . .

All in all, life is pretty good.  In a short concentrated time, I got connected with folks far and near, caught up with some tasks that have been hanging around for too long and now I can move into the next thing a little more at peace . . . and for this moment in my day, there is God.

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