For most of my three readers (thanks mom) we all are in mourning over the painful events of today concerning my beloved Oakland A’s and those sorry OLD OLD OLD San Francisco Giants.

Now I know that many so-called people out there do not consider baseball developments such as these on par with any spiritual, political or social upheaval.  To you I kick dirt on your shoes, toss a base or two, dump the Gatorade jug, toss the sunflower seed bag and quite possibly adjust something.  This stuff is important 😉

For those of you still reeling, here is a blog post, "Five Stages of Grief" from the blog,  Athletics Nation.  I have personally moved on to "Acceptance" and now Zito is just a long-haired hippy, rock-star wannabee, big-game choker who is over-rated and sleeps with a pink satin pillow . . . well maybe I have not quite moved on.

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