So . . . after a frenzy of blogging a few weeks ago,  I have been silent as of late.  I KNOW the three of you who read this blog are devastated.  But alas, I have fallen back on the cheap blogging trick of telling you what I might blog about in the future without having to commit to actually writing a full post.  In any case, here are the top 10 reasons blogging dropped down the ole priority list for the past week.   These are in no particular order . . . you could imagine how much trouble I would get in for giving higher priority to my PC2Mac than to Year # 16.  But just between you and me . . .

1 – WELCOME AVA – Today my sister, Deanne, had her baby, Ava Joelle Laura Rivera. I was hoping they would name her Cruz.  Anyway . . . Grandbaby girl #4 (still no boys) and all are doing well.  After moving into their new house last month, blessings to Ron and Deanne as they begin yet another exciting chapter in their life!

2 – BEST 25 YEARS – It is hard to believe but Robin and I
celebrated our 16th, yes, 16th anniversary this past December 1st.  Now
most of you know that we are not big celebraters, but for some reason
this year we actually went out to dinner.  Now keep in mind that this
is the same couple that ended up at Sizzler for their first
anniversary.  Anyway, one of the folks who attends MBCC hooked us up at
a new wine and tapas restaurant (Thanks Theron), so Robin and headed to
Pres a vi for a night of acting
like grown-ups. Good food (try the Duck Bow and Prawns) good wine and a
lovely lady . . . what more could a guy ask for.  Love ya hon!

3 – DOMAINS ARE MAPPED – After wanting to get this done for a while I finally mapped the domains for my two main blogs.  This basically means that the URL that you will see and use are mine, ALL MINE!   My ego is now completely fed (well not QUITE yet, still waiting for library wing or salad dressing.)  So now you can get to my god/church/life blog by going to and our family/personal blog by going to:  And if you are totally without a life, head on over to my Brain Candy Blog on Vox where I wax poetic about TV, Music and Movies.

4 – MBCC BLOG CREW – I have finally got off my buttocks and have begun to assemble a team of witty, critical, fun and faithful (Actually just folks who would say "yes" but don’t tell them that.) to start blogging as a church community.  So . . . come the next few weeks, Mission Bay Community Church, will have a church blog.  If you want to get a head start and check it out in it’s infant/developmental stage, head on over and bookmark the MBCC Blog.

5 – WHERE IS THE MOP? – One of the things that our church is doing to help offset the cost of our very expensive lease in our very cool space, is by renting out the space to groups.  One such group, Hands on Gourmet, does corporate team building around cooking.  They have been a great deal of fun and seem to like our space.  Molly, one of the owners is a joy to work with.  In any case, I keep trying to call the building manager to help with setting up the space and that slacker never answers . . . oh wait, its ME 😉  While the church knows that it would be ideal if I didn’t have to be pastor and property manager, that is just where we are at this point.  Mucho thanks to Erik and Stephen who pitched in.

6 – I AM ALMOST A MAC HEAD – I have a problem . . . well many actually, but one of the bigger ones is that when I go through transitions, I want to have it done and my "space" settled ASAP.  Well . . . moving from my PC to MAC has been pretty smooth and I am now functional, but there are still a few kinks to get taken care of, little Mac quirks to get used to and finalizing what programs I will use for what.  Still, the unsettledness sometimes get the best of me and I find myself getting bogged down in the minutiae of doing things like organizing/sorting my account and figuring out the most efficient way to upload my pictures to my Flickr, yes, I am a a wildman.

7 – CHRISTMAS ALREADY – I LOVE Christmas and this year, I finally got the lights back up.  And this year, yes, we have moving deer and a Christmas tree on the porch roof.  Cheesy, yes, but at least they are all white lights . . . I consider it a refined and classy kind of cheesiness.

#’s 8-9-10 – See if you can tell which one is which 😉  Evie4



So sweet, so tiring, such blessings.  Here are some quotes just from this week . . .

"Daddy I will always love you!" – Abby
"I am changing my name to Maddy!’ – Annie
"I think I have a sugar problem." – Ev

So there you go, my list of excuses and moments of grace!

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