One of the reasons that just LOVE (Well, maybe not LOVE, but really like alot) Social Networking is because of the random re/e-connections that happen.  I just signed up for, yet another social networking site (Like I need one more.) and after sending out the google invites (Actually tried to stop it before the note went out to everyone :-() I got notes from some totally random folks who I have not heard from is a zillion years.  Pretty awesome.

One person is a long time friend, Trey Hammond who is one of those in-the-trenches pastors who has always told it like it is in the fight for economic justice.  He has an opportunity to help a shelter in his area to get $25,000 because of his volunteer work.

Here is his note . . . vote early, vote often.

Dear Friends,

I usually try to refrain from shameless self-promotion, but this effort promises a hefty award for a homeless shelter that means a great deal to me, the Albuquerque Opportunity Center. I was nominated for a volunteer recognition award sponsored by the Volvo corporation for work in starting this program for homeless men. There are six nominees from every state. This phase of the contest entails voting on the Volvo web site. If I should get into the final category of winners, Volvo will donate $25,000 to the shelter. If you might be willing to vote, you can go to the site listed below. You can vote for nominees in any state as often as you want. Weird rules! Once you get to the website, all you have to do is type my name (Trey Hammond) into the box on the right hand corner and it will take you to the ballot page.The deadline of February 4th. Also, if you have a mailing list of friends who might consider participating, you could send it on to them. Thanks for your consideration and forgive my vanity (we all have a price)! Trey

VOTE HERE type in "Trey Hammond"

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