Like anyone cares, but this is a cathartic post . . . three reasons I know I am broken and really need Jesus. Don’t worry I am not about to expose any deep hidden secrets. Here are my confessions.

Confession #1 – AI is BACK

Yes, I am an American Idol fan (Please no smart remarks, it’s that way I stay connected to the "people") and thanks to the magic of Tivo, I have two more wonderful hours awaiting me.  As I watched this past Tuesdays train-wreck, I got a serious case of Schadenfreudepleasure taken from someone else’s misfortune.As I watch these sad sad people get absolutely shredded by Simon and the crew, I found some pleasure in their pain (Let me say that Robin also fully engaged in this, but since she doesn’t blog, I’ll confess for her.)  In any case, I only really enjoyed it with the folks who were so clearly bad, but thought they were God’s gift to the Grammys.  The crying teenagers were too painful . . . but the whack-jobs who really thought they were bringin’ it should thank Simon, Randy, Paula and Jewel for speaking the truth in . . . God forgive me.

Confession #2 – What day off . . .

Recently I changed my day off to Fridays because Robin also had the day off.  Of course, I still really have not taken a full day off.  Who’s fault is that you ask?  Well certainly not mine 😉 Really funny that my Harrisburg friend struggles with the same issue . . . God forgive me.

Confession #3 – I like my useful toys


My new motorcycle helmet, silky white color no less.


Our new cyclone technology new vacuum.

God forgive me . . . but my head will be safe and our carpets that much cleaner.


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