Each year as part of my role as pastor at mbcc I am supposed to model living a balanced life in terms of work, time away, continuing education, etc.  Well, I basically suck at it.  I hardly ever take all my vacation, I love being plugged in, etc.  This year I vowed to do better, so this week I am on vacation (except for one evening of small group leading that some "dork" set to begin during his vacation.), I turned off my church eMail and I WAS going to go away.  But of course, I totally forgot that I am now back in school, so no flitting off for a quick getaway.

I any case, have managed to do a few things.  And since I love the Alliteration, here are the three "M’s" I have efficiently accomplished thus far on my vacation ๐Ÿ˜‰

Motorycle / I have been on my bike two days in a row now.  After some rainy weather here in SF over the past few weeks, I finally got to strap on the helmet and hit the road.  Every time I get back on I forget how soothing it is to ride.  You may scoff (mom) but my attentiveness to creation is definitely heightened when I am riding.

Mother/ I had lunch with my mom today.  she had been out of town for a few weeks, so it was good to catch up, gossip a bit and generally reconnect.

Movies / so I vowed that I would do SOMETHING vacationy this week, so last night i headed off to the  9th Annual San Francisco Indiefest.  Saw two features and six short films.  Good stuff and not nearly as freaky as I was expecting . . . maybe next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ten Canoes: not bad especially since this film was done while honoring all aboriginal customs/traditions. it did leave me wondering if this was a story that they would tell or one that the makers felt like they should tell.  at this works the narration and some of the sections felt a little Mercat Manor-esque.

The Trainee by Craig Rosenthal
Singapore, 2006, 9 min, US Premiere
Better think twice before trying to rob this inconvenience storeโ€ฆ

Shank by Jenessa Joffe
USA, 2006, 17 min
Lilah is about to learn the meaning of the word โ€œshank.โ€

Musi Byt Ma (She Must Be Mine) by Brain Emery and Max Hoffman
Czech Republic, 2006, 10 min
A woman must flirt with a bizarre stranger to win back her husband.

The Portrait by Nobuyuki Miyake
Japan, 2006, 16 min
An insect photographer is asked to take his uncle’s funeral portrait.

Alcatraz by Juan Reyes
USA, 2006, 18 min, www.covenpictures.com

The One by Dave Laden
USA, 2006, 19 min
Dave decides to record himself everyday as he falls in love.

Green Mind, Meal Bats: This was a great movie.  Baseball as the back drop; love between mismatched people, tough kids on scooters, mayhem, chaos and the Japanese illegitimate son of Babe Ruth.  What more could one want?  Worth a look.

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