Blogging as a Spiritual DisciplineI supposed this is a continuation of my post a few months back, Why Do I Blog, You Ask?  Call it justification for escapism or just an excuse not to interact with real live humanoid units, but I am standing strong . . . there is something spiritually life-giving about this whole blogging thing, so yes I see blogging as a spiritual discipline.

For me, a spiritual discipline or practice are those thing we do to acknowledge God in our life and the world and to connect with God both personally and communally; with a hoped for outcome of growing in our understanding of and relationship with God.

This may change and grow with time, but Blogging as spiritual practice holds the following gifts;

  • blog posting offers me a dedicated reflective time to gather my thoughts and reflect on how I have seen (or not seen) God active in my life, the city, the church and the world;
  • the nature of blogs allow me to look back at where God has been for/with me, where I am now, where I thought I would be headed and where I may be going now;
  • the blogosphere makes real this idea of geographic boundary free connectedness of the Body of Christ;
  • blogging is an unobtrusive offering of ideas and perspectives to the larger community, a kind of open source theologizing;
  • blogging allows for the possibility that one small thought, action or response can have rippling transformative effect far beyond our own imagination and ability;
  • it is one more form of public prayer . . .

And all God’s people say, AMEN.

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