Just just received this eMail from a member* at mbcc and, of course, had to blog about it . . .

By the way, on a whim, K and I went to a new church that opened two blocks from our home (we couldn’t make it Sunday morning).  We didn’t drink the cool-aid, but were definitely scared.  "Pastor P**** P**** passionately preaches" we were told.  Too much alliteration, plugging of books (his own, not the Bible), and other cultish vibes…especially the lowered music and testimonial-type accepting of Jesus – yikes!  I like how we put up scripture passages during your sermon (instead of a big picture of the minister, which seemed like idolatry).  I would love to see his W2 form, because though I’m sure they are building lots of churches, it’s not really obvious where all that money must be going.  The worst though was they seemed to take an entire religion and reduce it to superficial industrialized entertainment in only two hours.  The scary thing is that this black and white justification they had for wealth and other areas of life seems like a successful formula.  Anyway, thought you might like this report of what I hope we DON’T do at mission bay.

Now I am a big proponent for churches defining themselves by who/what they ARE and not by who/what they ARE NOT, but this note make me feel pretty good that we are at least on the right track about some things that we DON’T do.

* This eMail was shared with permission.

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