Last post about the Mainline Emergent/s I swear . . . but just have to say a few things.  This will be quick because I am TOTALLY using this as a life/work diversion . . .

What FED MY SOUL . . .

  • It was good to get away and reconnect with some of the most amazing people in ministry.  I so value our times of laughing at inappropriate humor, talking about ministry, sharing our lives and then laughing a little lot more.  Kelly, Jud, WonHo, Jen and new friend, Nanatte, THANK YOU!
  • Reconnecting with Peter Choi and Meeting blogosphere friend David Park, who, from his bio, can’t keep a job 😉
  • While not as superfantabulous as SF, Decatur was a cool little town: Java Monkey and Brick Store Pub are too cool!
  • The conversations around doing/being church in new/different/authentic and yes emerging ways is always refreshing.
  • There are some great Presbyterians who are not just thinking about all of this, but putting some ministry teeth behind the thinking! Ministry teeth?

What GAVE ME PAUSE . . .

  • The tone of the event was not as positive as in past events.  I don’t know if it was the attendees, the presenters or the setting, but I just didn’t feel engaged.  Much more of a conference and less a conversation;
  • It seemed like much of the conversation was about proving the validity of the emerging church approach to ministry.  While I certainly don’t know the opinions of everyone there, at times the tone seemed unnecessarily confrontational.  While I would have loved to talk about how/where both approaches might be merging and meeting, much of the time felt very much like "us" against "them" with some of us left in the middle.  Not sure why this was, but I feel like we missed a huge opportunity to explore what might be next for the emergents and the mainliners.
  • Why was Atlanta so friggin’ cold?!?!?!?!?  Freezing rain?!?!?!

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