so i have become a mac lover.  i didn’t realize what i was missing in my life until dear sweet macbook pro walked in and showed me what was possible.  sorry about the gushing, but after a few short months, i can say that i am sold.  in the end, i suppose you can love your mac you just can’t LOOOOOOOOOOVE your mac.  in any case i still love my mac.

though, there is this dilemma . . . i preached a sermon on the environment this sunday as part of a series, "no easy answers" and brought up this idea that apple is not all that it is cracked up to to be.  now for you apple-haters out there this is just fodder for the cannon, but just keep in mind that jesus says something about dealing with your own spam/virsuses/crashing before casting hater-posts at another. now that MAY just be a paraphrase, but i am sure if JC were at mac world that is what he would be saying . . . that and, "apple, get a friggin right click"

but i digress . . . if you believe greenpeace, what do we do about apple’s record on not being green?  You can check out their "greenmyapple" campaign.

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