Screenshot_2_1 As some of you know, Robin and I have both have ministry roots in campus ministry.  In fact we met about 20 years ago at an ecumenical student gathering in Louisville, KY — so old that there isn’t even a website.  And while my direct campus ministry days are done for now, Robin trudges on as a board member at "The Edge" Campus Ministry at San Francisco State University.  The Edge is an unapologetically progressive Christian Campus ministry lead my Rev. Carolyn Talmadge, a United Methodist Pastor.

This week they were featured on the front page of the SF State xPress, the school paper.  Good story overall.  For the full article [click here] but here are the first few paragraphs.  Clearly they are doing some important and needed ministry at SF State.

    SF State students Jackie Sicard and Tia
Kilpatrick are part of an unheard of, large segment of the Christian
population who do not fit the traditional conservative mold.
They are liberal, Christian, lesbian and a couple.
    Sicard and Kilpatrick met through a Christian student organization called The Edge Campus Ministry in June of last year.   
    Through The Edge, they said their faith in God has grown since
they’ve become part of a body of believers who are racially,
religiously, and culturally diverse that accepts various backgrounds
and beliefs.
    "You can talk about things like race, religion, and sexual
orientation,” said Sicard, 19, an art major and active member who was
raised Catholic. “No one judges you."
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If you or your congregation would like to support them somehow, feel free to contact Carolyn.  You can also see more info at their website, which is still in production.

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