So, I am finally trying to get my sermons uploaded, vcasted, etc.  Pre-MacBliss I had purchased a Sony DVD203 Digital Camcorder.  Sweet recordings right onto the DVD.

Two issues have arisen now as I tried to edit this Sunday’s sermon.

  1. Apparently one can’t insert a mini-DVD disk into the front slot loaders.  Thanks Kye for saving me before I tried.
  2. My friggin’ camera does not work with a Mac . . . after struggling with multiple ways of getting my clip onto the mac, I turned to google.  Not a good sign when one sees the C-Net Review begin with, "Mac users BEWARE!!!  DO NOT BUY THIS ONE!!!"

So for my mac/tech bud’s out there . . .

  1. If you HAD to buy a new Video Camera, what would you get?
  2. If you were going to start video casting your sermons, what advice would you offer?

While I thought this Sunday’s Sermon was pretty good . . . apparently God’s IT department thought differently.

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