Debbie, a member at my church is doing her senior project at CCA is looking for some folks to respond to some questions about the stereotypes of Asian American women.  She is looking for responses that could be included in a book of some kind.  Should be pretty interesting.  I was hoping some of you could either respond to her and/or pass it on . . .

Responses can be eMailed to Debbie.

Questions to reflect upon . . .

  1. When was the first time you remember seeing an Asian/Asian-American woman in the media? What was it like?
  2. What has been your experience with stereotypes of Asian/Asian-American women? How has this affected, or not affected you?
  3. How do you handle stereotyping?
  4. What preconceptions have you had of Asian/Asian-American women? In what ways have they been validated or not?
  5. Or you can respond to these images.


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