Monday, February 19, 2007

  • No School for the girls;
  • Prez Day, go Abe!
  • Last day of my vacation

So . . . after a great weekend of [Ava’s Baptism] and an [Awesome Sunday Off] I am chomping at the bit to check my church eMail and get back into the excitement of the grind.  Call it unhealthy boundaries or passion for ministry, but I totally suck when it comes to stepping away from the church I serve if even for a moment.  I am equally bad at just "being" and not accomplishing anything in other parts of my life.
So this morning, my last day of vacation, I thought, okay, now I am going to take care of the "home to do list" go through my personal piles, clean a room or two, get caught up.  Then I thought, you know what, I’m not going to . . . I’m going to hang out, enjoy the last day and address the fact that I am having a serious Togo’s craving (cue Robin’s disapproving laugh) so off I go to sit on my metaphorical butt for one more day.
And before you get on me for blogging, remember this is [Like Prayer] for me.

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