Risking the constant barrage of ridicule from my so-called friends, I have below listed movies that I remember, not actually for changing my life, but ones that I watched way too much as a youth.  Keep in mind that this was pre-DVD "Be kind, rewind" era, so one had to put in some time and effort to watch these babies multiple times.  We did not own them so that means we either rented them often and/or took the time to rewind and watch again.   Also, these do not include such obvious "classics" as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, The Princess Bride and The Breakfast Club!




















Movield_2 Berry Gordy’s Last Dragon (1985) // ShoNuff, glowing hands and Vanity!  What else could you want?  I must have watched this a zillion times.  Sure there are some less than cool Asian American images, but it have Ernie Reyes Jr. some work.  And did I mention Vanity was in it?  ShoNuff!
Moviebr Breakin’ (1984) // Didn’t we all want to be Ozone?  Plus he has got to have the coolest name, "Hello, my name is Adolfo Quinones."  And what stellar acting!  One note is that Ice-T made is acting debut in this movie as an MC. 
"Push it to Pop It!"
"Rock it to Lock It!"
"Break it to Make It!"
Words to love by 😉
Moviels The Last Starfighter (1984) // See mom, video games are not just a waste of time, I could save the human race!  This one is going back on netflix as I forgot how fun this one was and I think Evelyn would love it!
Moviehd_2 Hot Dog (1984) // A totally sophomoric ski movie, but what a ski movie it was!  This one Evelyn will NOT be watching.  But do they know the teen-age boy or what?  But really, as one who grew up skiing a lot, this was when we knew skiing was cool.
Moviegd_2 Game of Death (1978) // Just short of the 80’s, this is classic, just classic.  Bruce Lee, while for a while Asians didn’t want to be him, now we understand the impact that he has made on culture.  There is some debate about his actual Martial Arts prowess and personality, but so what, ask Chuck Norris who is who 😉

Honorable Mention:

Wow, the 80’s turned out some awesome movies.  Though, I do think it may freak Robin out that we met in 1989 . . . scary.

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