Was forwarded this survey as part of a Masters Thesis being done by Ellie Hsieh.  Pretty painless as it took about 15 minutes to take. If you can help a sister out, I am sure she would appreciate it.

My name is Ellie Hsieh. I am an Asian American graduate student at
Virginia Tech. I am conducting a research study on the responses and
perspectives of Asian American Christian clergy to marital conflict
within their church communities. The purpose of my study is to
understand how cultural, religious, and demographic factors in Asian
clergy affect their perceptions and responses to marital conflict. This
information will ideally enable mental health workers and other
professionals find culturally and spiritually sensitive ways to work
with Asian churches and clergy on issues related to marital conflict.
The questionnaire is estimated to take 25-30 minutes to complete. TAKE THE SURVEY.

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