Mm_9 Urban
I have always been a fan of the artsy photographer.  I have always tried to be one, but never with much success.  I think "The Eye" is one of those amazing gifts that God has given to some to be used so the rest of us can really see the awesome images of God.  Two places that I have founds this to be true are, one the group photography site, and a photographer in our congregation who goes by the name "balengong" – and I have no idea what it means . . . but he is gooooooooood!

Picture #1 // Anyone who can make M&M’s artsy deserves a looksie [see more pics]Picture #2 // Head on over to where you can see some cool collections and help pic photos for the print edition.  My favorite theme right now it "URBAN" and this one is by Stormy Sleep, probably not her real name 😉

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