When the sun is out, the birds are chirping and puppies are playing in the grass, I occasionally fall into this blissful place believing that what I do in the non-profit/religious realm in encouraging folks to better take advantage of the practice and discipline of blogging and social networking can be bridged back to the business community.  I really believe that we can learn a great deal from secular innovators and translate those best practices back into our own communities.  But not at these FRACKING (yes, too much Battlestar Galactica) rates for their training events.

One of the secular folks I read to keep up with Online Social Networking is Rohit Bhargava and today he posted a list of events that were going on.  Well shucks, there is one right in my backyard, "Ad:tech Interactive Media Conference" . . . brilliant.  As I am always looking for ways to push my envelope of learning I clicked on over to the Registration Page.   Okay I can get up now.  Wow, after April 23 it costs almost $2,000 to be a full participant for basically a two-day event.  Now granted this is in SF and it is a different cultural community, but damn, if this were any non-profit or church conference we better guarantee that we were going end racial injustice for prices like that.

So, I think I will err on the side of feeding my children and skip this one.  The church will survive.   Though the Social Market University event does look ever so tempting.

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