200pxone_day_at_a_time Three blog posts this evening . . . what do they call that "Blog-arrhea?"  But wait there is a good reason.  As some of you know one of the ways that our church can afford to stay in our very cool location is by running a "side" business of venue rental, in our case www.1040mariposa.com.  And yes, you guessed it, the staff person is moi: pastor, sound guy, toilet un-clogger and venue coordinator . . . ahh what they didn’t teach us in seminary. 
So for the past five hours, I have been staffing a sweet sixteen party for the daughter of a friend of ours from Rooftop.  Very fun to watch a bunch of 16-year-old play in their band, be awkward, etc.  But of course, I had expected to get five solid hours of work in, refine the sermon, organize the office, clear the to do box . . . did I get any of it done?  Nope, if fact, I never do . . . every time I sit down . . .one more thing.  Just about time enough to blog one more random thing.   Gotta go, the band is playing their last some . . . now where is my tool belt?

But seriously, if you SF folks ever need a venue in which to hold and event (corporate or personal) take a look over at www.1040mariposa.com to see if we might be a good location.  Goes to a good cause, and gives me yet another reason NOT to get anything done.

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