As many of you know Robin, Evelyn and Abigail are in in Paris visiting Robin’s French family from back when she was an exchange student.  That was such a formative time for her and her family there is just awesome.  So far they seem to be having fun thought Abby has been sick. [See Robin’s Post]

First question: "Why didn’t you and Annie go?"  The short answer is it is due to a direct relationship between the money and personal value.

Annie // Only three, so rather than pay the actual money now for a trip she won’t remember, we’ll pay for it later when she is a teenager and resents that fact that they left her.
Me // Here is how the conversation goes.
Robin: "You can sit in a cafe and read a book anywhere."
Me: "Yeah, but they wouldn’t be speaking French and wearing this really cool red berets. And le fromage, le fromage!"
Basically, this was totally not worth my going and doing my usual vacation thing of just sitting on my butt doing nothing.

So it is me and Annie, but of course, Annie is at my mom’s house getting spoiled.  I was to get her last night, but she wanted to stay with her "lola" and drink hot chocolate and go shopping.  What is a dad to do.
So one would think that the bachelor time would be good: Tivo to myself, no fighting, no school drop-offs, dance class, etc. . . . it is not.  I miss my the ladies of the house and no amount of coffee conversations, work and cleaning the house will replace the the ladies in my life!  Tomorrow I am taking Annie and my mom to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but I’ll probably have to bribe Annie with Hot chocolate to make her come back home with me 😉

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