Not sure I have every posted something about what I am GOING to do.  With the girls away, Robin and I are off to experience the random blessings of some random circles of communities . . . what a gift.

EVENT #1 – SF Presbytery area Presbytery churches – meeting.  Yeah, yeah, not real exciting . . . but we are meeting on a Saturday so some folks who are not retired can actually attend.  And they would do this why?  Also, Leslie is being brought forward for her Trials of Ordination.

EVENT #2 – Baby Shower – Very excited as our church celebrates with Tammy and Ricky.  Just a few weeks away from welcoming the little one!

EVENT #3 – Barack Obama Baby – Yes, he is coming to Oakland and thanks to Michael, we have Blue Tickets.  We might actually see him up close and personal!

EVENT #4 – APAP Fundraiser – I am volunteering at fundraiser for Asian Pacific Americans for Progress at the Dot Lounge in J-town.  Should be a fun way to kick off the Asian American Film Festival . . . bummer I won’t be able to squeeze in a movie.

What a gift to be able to be engaged is such wonderful communities.  I know that this kind of activity is not possible for or available to a great many folks due to their particular life circumstance so I truly value days like this . . .

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