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All of us get notes on MySpace or some such other Social Network and most of the time we just ignore them.  This AM I got this one from Ryan Post via the Emergent Church Group and decided to click on over.  Clearly a stock note to folks, but authentic enough to get me to click over to his site and listen.  You know what, good stuff and good enough for me to recommend that you go over and take a listen.  Don’t know the guy from Adam, but his music sounds great.  I liked the style and content that clearly has a message but is not over the top cheesy 80’s "Jesus is my boyfriend" kind of stuff*.  Very much a Jack Johnson or Jon Mayer kind of sound.  He also donates a portion of his sales to School of Urban Missions in New Orleans (a school that
served as one of the major hubs of the Katrina relief effort).  Click on over and show him some love.

* I apologize if I offended anyone, I like swayed with MWS and Friends are Friends Forever like everyone else 😉

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