Img_1062Hey, what’s that in the sky?!?!?  It’s a bird . . . it’s a plane . . . no, its the SUN!  What a great day today in San Francisco!  Not much for the drippy posts, but today was one of those really cool daddy/daughter days.  I had a break in the day so I scooted on home to spend some time with those people I think live in the same house.  Ev, the oldest wanted to take a walk to our favorite cafe and read . . .  "just me and you dad."  she said.   So off we went for a 15 minute walk in the sun talking about school, sisters, church, the future, her dreams for high school, etc.  Priceless.  Here we are sitting outside at Java on Ocean, sipping our drinks, me reading "The Long Tail" and Ev reading one of her Harry Potter Books for the upteenth time.  How cool of a moment is that? 

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