Last October, coming home from an annual retreat with the Young Urban Pastors, I wrote a piece about what I thought were some of the myths
of the emergent church movement and postmodernity. The main reason for this was because I have so appreciated the freeing nature of the experience, conversations and relationships and desperately wanted my denomination (with which I am deeply devoted) to get beyond some of the initial reactionary polemics.  So, wrote it up, submitted it to a few places and voila . . .

Two surprises:

  1. Surprise #1 // They said yes . . . eventually.  On the second Presbyterian publication stop, the Outlook said yes . . . must have been a slow "emergent church" submission day ;-).
  2. Surprise #2 // People still read The Presbyterian Outlook.  Now I have no idea who actually reads the hard copy of this publication anymore, but I received eMail messages from folks days before the article was put online.  Kinda weird.

Already received some reader feedback to respond to, so it will be interesting to see how much,if any, conversation is generated about such an important shift in today’s church culture.

If you want to the article "Myths of postmodernity and the Emergent Church" in full you can [See It Here].  You may have to register as a user to see the entire thing, but it is pretty painless.

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