As most of you know, I am seriously and unabashedly San Francisco-centric in my thinking.  I will not apologize for loving my city . . . um, I mean God’s city.  I could probably name off about 10 bazzilion-gillion reasons I love San Francisco, but these are just four that come to me right now . . .

  • Weather // It is hardly ever below 50 or above 80.  Wear layers you crazy tourists and you’ll be okay.
  • People // Because of our pacific rim connection we have many shades of brown . . . looooooove it!
  • Food // My eldest daughter’s favorite foods are Ethiopian and Indian.  And we turn out some pretty decent Chinese food as well 😉
  • Politics // I call it “The Bubble” in which we choose to live.  A few examples:
    • Our liberal democrat mayor was painted as the neo-nazi corporate sell-out in his last run against a legitimate Greenie;
    • In SF we feel like conservatives because we do not think anarchy is a viable option;
    • We are soon to be the first US city to ban plastic grocery bags;
    • Parades and Festivals with naked people don’t cause a second look;

Again . . . so many more reasons, but those are mine for the day.  If you are ever in town, we have a spare room and love to take folks on the tour of the city, each highlighted by a stop at one of my favorite cafe’s.  Ya’ll come back now!

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