So I am a few months into this Doctor of Ministry program and I have learned a few things.

I am not that smart // So I already dropped a class because the PhD students were way too intense and the would have kicked my theologically plebeian-esque butt all over the place.  Plus, the first day of class it was clear that the "academics" were not about the "we are all theologians" model.  Whatever . . .

I may be that smart // I have also found out that what I want to concentrate on, the urban cultural creatives and the mainline churches, is outside some of the thinking at the Graduate Theological Union.  While the business world, sociologist and a few religious folks have been thinking about this area of ministry, it has not trickled up to the seminaries.

I need a time machine // Oh yeah . . . class + studying + commuting = 8 more hours a week.  Hmmm, I wonder if I can borrow Dr. Emmitt Brown’s DeLorean

Sneezing in a ecumenical seminary class is funny // I can’t help to giggle to myself every time someone sneezes in class.  Like clockwork, a sneeze occurs and the "Bless You’s" rain down like manna from heaven.

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