Okay . . . mbcc has moved into the world of vod/pod/casting.  Thanks to intern nick, we have put out our first two podcasts and now that I have solved my camcorder/mac issues, the first VODcast is ready to go.

I just watched the video and I have this very strange feeling inside that makes me wonder, "Who would watch this?" and "Would it mean anything to someone who did?"  While clearly I am game to see if folks actually do take advantage of this, I have some three reason why this casting thing needs to be examined.

CONTEXT // The Pastor – I like to think I am pretty aware of the context in which I serve.  This is not just the demographics of this uber-bobo community, but also the life situations that are taking place.  I don’t consider myself a particularly proficient preacher, but rather my effectiveness comes from my knowing, understanding and appreciating what my "peeps" are going through.  I am afraid I just may sound like a rambling idiot – don’t say it – without a pastoral/personal connection.

CONTEXT // The Community – As I said before, I am pretty aware of the short-comings and assets of the congregation.  I do think we are pretty unique for an urban, presbyterian, postmodern, emergent, sarcastic, critical, snarky and slightly left of middle congregation and I wonder if the way I communicate with this group of folks will just not be accessible to others.

CONTEXT // The setting – Our worship gatherings can be pretty conversational and interactive.  Not only do we loose some of the sound, but if one does not know something about the person who is sharing, something is lost.  It is just another story without any of the background.

So, if you have and extra 30 minutes of your life that you want to risk sending into oblivion . . .

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