Like most churches, most people want to always get along.  But what fun is that?  Let me say that I serve an amazing church where folks can really engage in a spiritual journey pretty free of many of the obstacles that exist in other church settings.  Sure we have our "stuff" but for the most part, there is a high level of trust, pretty solid self-awareness, etc.

And then the growing pains begin . . . structures shift, expectations change, quirks make themselves known, personalities collide, we are challenged to adapt and transform; the need for God is made real once again.

MBCC is in that time right now and it is in one sense frustrating and in another the most excitingly scary time in my ministry.  We are on the verge of blowing up (In a good way.) and the ramifications are great for us all.  Will we maintain our sense of community?  Will be serve well those who come into our midst? Will we be able to transition in style and structure?  Will leadership be nurtured and cared for?  So many questions forced upon by this fact that there is something special happening here and folks are letting us know that we can be some much more.

As I work with our Steering Committee, a group of amazingly talented folks, most of whom have never been part of the leadership of a congregation, it is so clear that for the most part, they have no idea about how good they can be.  After working with some more traditional leadership teams, I know.  While we have our own problems, this group is moving forward absent of so many of the "things" that hold other churches back.  I am giddy thinking about the possibilities.

But for now, we work through the growing pains, learn how to disagree, to protest, to affirm, to reflect and to grow.  We too learn how to be church and what could be more faithful than that?

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