A_4 The bachelor life comes to an end  today when Robin, Evelyn and Abigail get back from their Paris Adventure.  They have had a great time, but I hear that they are pretty homesick and want to get back to see Annie and Daddy.  Gotta love being missed.

It has been interesting a time as they have been gone, Annie has taken some adventures of her own and I have been on my own a great deal over the past few weeks.  Folks have often asked, "So how has bachelor life been?" like it was time to go wild now that the women in my life were gone.

Honestly, I am a horrible bachelor, if what it means to be a bachelor is to let loose with all the things one is not "allowed" to do when the family is in town*.  I must say, I have it pretty good, even when they are here: great pastor’s schedule, time with the kids during the day, a supportive spouse and season tickets to the mighty Oakland Athletics.  As a bachelor, the house is quiet, daily structure is gone, no little ones to help point out the wonder of life, no partner in the chaos.  Pretty darn boring actually.  Maybe it is because I never really had a bachelor life that I don’t do it well.  Oh well, I’ll take my life, it’s pretty darn good!

* I will confess that today’s viewing of Blades of Glory was spurned on by the fact that Robin hates these kinds of flicks.  BTW: Laughed my booty off.

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