Yep that’s me, at yet another cafe here in the fair city of San Francisco.  What you don’t see in this pic are the Mac:People ratio that must be very close to 2:1 . . . a cult I tell you.  I kid you not.

I can’t help but sit here and laugh at the many generalizations that are being made in my head.  The cafe is Ritual Roasters which is THE hipster hangout in the mission [See Yelp Reviews].  There are more tatoos, MacBooks and markings of the BoBo (Bourgeois Bohemian, coined by David Brooks) and Creative Class* culture here than I can count.  And me in in a blue shirt, only one tat and a measly two piercing, damn, I must look like I am from the burbs . . . better go home and change in to my black 😉  I hope no one sees my Passat Wagon with the Thule Bike Rack on top . . . but then again, I will bet you a soy latte that many here drive much nicer cars 😉 

I jest because, I totally love it here and in so many ways these are my peeps – yes, I said peeps!  This hipster cafe feeds the bourgeois part of of my Bobo-ness while hanging down at the more smelly Muddy Waters cafe feeds my Bohemian side.

So these Bobo’s of which I speak and mock: my peeps, the majority of the people who are at mbcc, the San Francisco lifeblood and who I see in the mirror each day . . . who are we?

First, this is a group, because of their Postmodern worldview, would find it incredibly arrogant that anyone would dare study, label or analyze them as if there was any one description/label that could fit.  Well too bad fellow Post-mod, Bobo, Creatives . . . this is what I do.   But without  getting too long, let me just give my best and worst  that I can offer at 2:06 on a sunny Thursday afternoon in the Mission.

One of the best parts of this community – Far outweighing any particular political, social or theological position, the characteristic of this crew is in the manifestation of its postmodern worldview, namely that there is no "T" truth that is held by one event, one answer, one person, one community.  The "t" truth lies in this chaotic journey, the discovery, the experience and the relationships.  The answer is not all that important as how one engages in the process toward the possibilities.  This worldview is lived out in amazing ways as the group engages in politics, family, work, spirituality, etc.  At our best, there is an openness, creativity and tolerance that is truly life-giving.

One of the shadow sides – One of the things that this particular worldview does not take into account seriously enough is the idea that "isms" still exist . . . or we believe that we have somehow moved beyond the modernistic construct of race, gender, class, etc.  Maybe the white, wealthy, male hipsters are able to do this, but let me tell ya, as I sit here in Ritual Roasters it is painfully obvious that a socioeconomic homogeneity reigns supreme . . . that and funky eyeglasses.  I believe in both the inherent good and sinfulness of humanity.  When we begin to think that we are beyond that brokenness, our proclivity towards oppression wields it’s ugly head.  Not cool.  If you want to see how this conversation happens, read through the comments over on  Anil Dash’s – typepad blog evangelist – blog when he challenged the status quo of the tech/blogging commuinty around diversity in his post, "The Old Boys Club is for Losers."

Now obviously this culture is much deeper and more complex, but these are just a few thoughts to help me continue to get my mind and spirit wrapped around a culture that I am part of and serve.  Hope it is helpful.

*If you want to keep up with much that is going on with the Creative Class, be sure to subscribe to Richard Florida’s blog, The Creativity Exchange.

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