Some of you accuse me of being too attracted to shiny things – ohhh what’s that blinking thing. And while I might be borderline technosexual, I had enough control to have not gone to the Web 2.0 Expo this week in San Francisco.  Well . . . actually I just totally spaced about it until I stated seeing all these posts about it.  Bad early adopter!  But, if you are up on the whole Web 2.0 thing and want to cheat, here are a couple of posts that you should check out to be the "cool" pastor on the playground 😉  I dare you not to click on one of the new 2.0 sites that are coming out soon.  Petty awesome stuff.

Rafe’s Top 5 from Web 2.0 Expo
Scoble’s Best Stuff from Web 2.0 Expo
Net’s Summing Up Web 2.0 Expo

Looks like Spock and Zude are is the talk of the town!

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