Apparently Apple will debate the "Greening" of Apple.  In addition to the investors that are pushing Apple to at least catch up to Dell’s environmental commitments, Greenpeace has also been pretty active with the "Green My Apple" campaign.

Apple shareholders will vote on a resolution at the company’s annual
meeting May 10 on a proposal to remove certain hazardous chemicals from
their products.

Apple’s board says it opposes the resolution, arguing that it already has adequate environmental standards.

The resolution was submitted by Trillium Asset Management,
of Boston, an investment firm that specializes in making socially
responsible investments. It holds shares in Apple and also is a member
of the Investor Environmental Health Network,
which pressures public companies to remove toxic material from its
products, including makers of computers, consumer electronics,
fertilizer and cosmetics.

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If all goes well, we of the Mac cult can by Cool AND Green . . . just like Kermit.

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