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What seems like a zillion years ago, I posted "Top 10’ish Signs You’re a Postmodern"  and thought I would take another run at this along the lines of "You might be a [insert pejorative here] if . . .

But first, a couple of disclaimers and then a definition . . .

Disclaimer #1 // Please keep in mind that this is somewhat of a "we can say it, but you can’t kind of list."  For instance, I can make Asian jokes – laughing at racism keeps us from crying from the pain – but if you are not Asian, please don’t make me hurt you.  So if you do not claim to be postmodern no adding, "You might be a postmodern if . . . you’re an idiot." Not too helpful or very nice.

Disclaimer #2 // Because of the context of this blog, there will be some blurred lines between church, culture, socioeconomics, etc.  But isn’t that the point.   Not trying to build THE definitive list here people.  If this bothers you, you might NOT be a postmodern.

My Working Definition // "Liberated" from L. Sweet, B. McClaren, the Monkey in my Head and other such great thinkers.

Postmodernity is a paradoxical worldview that flows from a modernist worldview and is characterized by a shift in culture that moves from being scientific, analytical, institutional, and mechanical to one driven by the mystical, experiential, relational, and organic.

So I will update this list as you add things to it.  As a self-avowed and repentant postmodern, here are a few of ones that come mind right now.


  • you think "ambiguity" "chaos" and "gray" are not a bad words;
  • you don’t tolerate other people’s experience, you appreciate them;
  • you think "boxes" may be okay, just YOU don;t put me in one;
  • you are probably not as cool or hip as you think you are;
  • you are okay not having the "T" Truth.
  • you can appreciate the artistic expressions of such drastically different movies like "Blades of Glory" "Hotel Rwanda" "Wedding Crashers" "Children of Men" etc . . . all in the same day.
  • you say words like, "authentic" "conversation" "context" "real" way too much.
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